Wicked Clown Love is the sixth full length show in my pop star/pop music based performance series. As I’ve been working on this show I’ve been thinking about the elements I’ve worked with as I’ve made this series of pieces. I’ve decided I’m gonna put up a variety of lil essays about these thoughts for you as they relate to my work in general and my upcoming Insane Clown Posse based show (Feb 2-4, 2012 at the Kitchen! Be there!!) in specific so that you, the American public, can read all about it, if you so desire… Here is Part 4, entitled:


Speaking of sampling, I have a bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas in Sociology. (I also have enough credits to have gotten a degree in anthropology/archaeology and Spanish, but, you know, I had to pick one).

My favorite sociological theorist was

Harriet Martineau!

Harriet Martineau, who didn’t so much “invent” her own branch of sociological theory as re-interpret, organize, translate and spin the theories of others. This is not a knock. I mean come on, who do Auguste Comte or for that matter Weber, Durkheim, and Marx and them think they are kidding? Those theories are observations, not inventions, so her observations of those observations, especially given that she spun them are her own. But you know how people get in this ongoing semantic and cultural argument over authenticity, originality, copyright and theft…

Point is, aside from really making me understand and get all fired up about the fallacies of Original Thought, Genius and Structural thinking, Harriet Martineau also reconnected me with the idea of sampling and re-constituting and appropriation and all that (which I discussed more a while ago.)

I love how Harriet Martineau’s work puts the lie to all that individual, original person, working alone in the wilderness and Coming Up With Their Big Idea All By Themselves stuff.

Nowadays, I believe in geniuses again, cuz I’ve known a bunch, but I still don’t think that shit happens in a vacuum of Authentic Individuality. Beyonce stole from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, I stole from Beyonce, we’re all stealing from Michael Jackson, who stole from James Brown, who stole from church, who stole from… etc etc etc.

We’re all criminals and we’re all making brand new shit.


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