American Juggalo Documentary is Great (and lots of other thoughts)

I’ll be here all fucking day, doing the same shit, drinking and blowing stuff up.

Best interview ever?? Also, I think this is my friend Danny from Houston...

These folks made THIS DOCUMENTARY: AMERICAN JUGGALO about this year’s Gathering (how’d they do that so fast??).

Farris and I don’t seem to be in it… although there’s a shot of a guy late at night near the carnival rides spraying Faygo everywhere that I seem to remember seeing happen.

I went to a screening last night. half expecting it to be a joke. My friend Sara had told me about it as she runs with some juggalos.

I was fascinated by the host of the event and the director who both had gone and ended up being sort of swept up by the Gathering and wanting to go again. The host runs Rocks Off cruises, which held a juggalo cruise after ICP’s show last fall. (I went to the concert but not the cruise) and he even got a hatchet man tattoo.

Anyway, the movie is pretty great. They got a lot of great interviews, which is a rarity in outsider made things about the juggalos (see also the presumably unrelated n+1 kindle single/article of the same name, which I liked, in which the author can’t get anyone to talk to him and finds out at the end SPOILER ALERT that “motherfucker not everyone wants to be you” …  or hell, read my Salon article = no quotes)

But I am fascinated by these guys sharing this feeling that Farris and I keep emailing each other for support about:

Am I a juggalo?

Could I even call myself that at this point even if I got a tattoo or started spraying Faygo on the subway and yelling fuck off all the time?

But still, without even really understanding what I mean and being freaked out because scenes have always turned me off, I feel like maybe I am kind of a juggalo…

I know I might not seem like one, but if you were in that Arby’s with me in Longview that time… or if you saw some of my shows in Austin… or that one at that coffee shop with my friend Danny in Nacogdoches… or if you saw me chase that guy in the parking lot of Brookshire’s… or saw me almost get shot by the police that time… or win, hands down, a what’s the most disturbing picture you can draw contest… or win a rap contest at the Tyler Mall… or even when we got into it with those guys at the Britney Spears concert….


I also have some thoughts about a genuine underground in the Facebook/multi-platform age. Like how this is a or THE genuine underground because there’s so little about it that can be hooked into something else or moored to some other trend and it has so little interest in explaining itself or marketing itself beyond what it is.

It’s sort of the antithesis of the times: it doesn’t have explanatory art gallery wall text for itself. It kind of actively doesn’t explain itself. It’s super dense and detailed once your inside it but even that seems anti-current: it’s dense, it’s off-putting, it’s doesn’t have a thesis, it’s cheap, it’s far out, it has no manifesto but it’s cohesive…

I don’t know, America, I’m just talking….

Anyway, watch this:

Me, I’ll be here all fucking day, doing the same shit, drinking and blowing stuff up…


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